Dental Bridges, Marietta

Dental Bridges

When you smile, are you self-conscious that others notice your missing tooth or teeth? When you lose one or more teeth, it changes your smile in more ways than one. Remaining teeth can begin to shift, causing crooked or misaligned teeth. It can be more difficult to keep your teeth clean, putting you at risk for other oral health issues. At Dental Care Center at Kennestone, we can help you replace missing teeth and restore your beautiful smile. One cosmetic dental treatment we offer is a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a dental appliance that uses your existing teeth to support an artificial tooth to fill in the gap in your smile. The replacement tooth looks natural and can offer function for chewing and supporting the placement of your existing teeth. Dental bridges are a wonderful option for those who only have one or two missing teeth they want replaced. The bridgework is permanently fixed in place, unlike partial dentures that can slip or be removed.

Replace Missing Teeth in Your Smile

Dental bridges attach to your existing teeth to hold the pontic, or artificial tooth, in place. Dental crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The bridgework attaches to the pontic and to the two dental crowns for support. Since the metal framework of the bridge is behind the teeth, no one will see or notice that you have an artificial tooth. All they will see is a beautiful, complete smile.

You deserve to feel confident in your smile. If you have one or more missing teeth, come see our dental professionals at Dental Care Center at Kennestone. We offer beautiful dental bridges for tooth restorations, as well as dental implants and dentures. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.