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Dental Implants, Marietta

Dental Implants

One of the most innovative restorative dentistry options for replacing missing teeth is the dental implant. With the appearance and function of a natural tooth, dental implants can replace single teeth or create a full mouth reconstruction. At Dental Care Center at Kennestone, our dental implant experts can help you restore your smile with permanent, replacement teeth that can last you the rest of your life.

Dental implants are the premium option when it comes to tooth replacement. This surgical procedure has a high rate of success, and it is available for most people who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone. A titanium post is inserted into the jaw and becomes the new root for the artificial tooth. The post adheres to the bone and promotes bone growth in the jaw, which can help improve the jaw structure and secure the implant. Once healed, the post receives a dental crown that is bonded into place, creating a new tooth.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

While dental implants have been used for decades, the advanced technology and methods we use at Dental Care Center at Kennestone offer longer lasting and more natural appearing results. Placement is critical for appearance and function. We use the latest in digital imaging to ensure your new dental implant will look and fit like a natural tooth.

Dental implants can last for decades, but they do need ongoing care. Just like natural teeth, oral hygiene is important and dental implants can require repairs if damaged. Our dental implant experts at Dental Care Center at Kennestone can ensure you get the best care for your new smile. This is from the implant procedure through maintaining your new implants. Contact us today to schedule your dental implant consultation at our office in Marietta. We have financing and payment options available.

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One of the best dental services I've ever used. Nice staff, clean and near Kennestone. I was also in and out pretty quickly.