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Root Canal Therapy, Marietta

Root Canal Therapy

An infected or diseased tooth can be extremely painful. Once the infection reaches the inner canals of the tooth, the nerve can be affected, causing intense pain. Unfortunately, if the nerve is infected, the tooth can be at risk for loss. Root canal therapy is often the only general dentistry option to stop the pain and save the tooth. At Dental Care Center at Kennestone, we offer efficient, effective root canals for our patients with infected teeth.

Teeth have inner canals that contain pulp and nerve roots. They are the living material of teeth. When decay or infection impacts the pulp or nerve roots inside the canals, the tooth can begin to die. Infection can cause inflammation or abscesses that put pressure on the nerve, causing pain and discomfort. Root canal therapy is used to remove the diseased portion of the tooth and clear the infection to save the tooth from extraction while stopping the pain.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Many people associate root canals with pain, but they are the best option to stop the pain that accompanies an infected tooth. The procedure removes the diseased pulp and nerve roots from the canals of the tooth. The inner portion of the tooth is disinfected to stop the infection. Then, the tooth is packed with a sterilized material to replace the pulp. Once it is repacked, the tooth is sealed and covered with a dental crown for protection.

The relief from pain is almost immediate after the nerve roots are removed. There is usually some soreness after a root canal. However, this dissipates quickly and is not as intense as the pain from an infected tooth.

If you have a painful tooth, contact Dental Care Center at Kennestone today to schedule a consultation. Our dentist can examine your tooth and determine the cause of the pain. If a root canal is needed, you can trust our experienced team to save your tooth and stop the pain. We have sedation options available for your procedure if you prefer to relax while we treat your infected tooth.

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