Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain, Marietta

Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain

Tooth Pain Relief

When you have a severe toothache or your jaw aches when you talk, your days can be miserable. Oral pain can interrupt your sleep and occupy your mind during your waking hours. At Dental Care Center at Kennestone, we have solutions for your tooth and jaw pain. Our team of dental professionals can find the cause of most oral pain and recommend a general dentistry treatment.

Tooth pain is an indicator of a serious problem. The nerve roots of a tooth are inside the pulp of the tooth canal. If these nerves are sending pain signals, decay, infection or trauma have reached this inner portion of the tooth. Tooth pain rarely will go away on its own, and the problem will likely become more serious. Our team can repair most issues that cause tooth pain and restore your tooth back to health.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is often a result of excess stress put on the jaw joint. This can be due to clenching your jaw from stress, nocturnal teeth grinding or other issues. Misalignment or a poor fitting bite can also put stress on the jaw. This can lead to TMJ or TMD and may result in dysfunction of the jaw as well as pain.

If you have jaw pain, come see us at Dental Care Center at Kennestone. Our dentist will perform a thorough exam to determine the cause of your jaw pain and offer a treatment option. Orthodontics, tooth repairs or dental nightguards are some of the treatments used to combat some causes of jaw pain and give relief.

When you have oral pain, give us a call at Dental Care Center at Kennestone. Our experienced dental team will get to the source of the pain and offer a treatment solution. Our office accepts many forms of dental insurance, and we have payment plans available. Contact our office today to put an end to your tooth or jaw pain.