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Wisdom Teeth Removal, Marietta

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last four molars to arrive in the mouth are the wisdom teeth. Since these teeth arrive near adulthood in the late teens, they were titled “wisdom” teeth. For many people, wisdom teeth simply grow into place and take the last spot open at the ends of their upper and lower teeth. For others, these last molars can cause many issues and complications if they are not removed. Our team at Dental Care Center at Kennestone can help determine if you need wisdom teeth removed and perform this general dentistry procedure if it is necessary.

Removing wisdom teeth can be done proactively. This is if it is determined they are growing in the wrong direction or pose a risk to your oral health. Often all four teeth are removed in one procedure, but singular teeth can be removed as needed. Many people prefer sedation during their wisdom teeth removal, which we offer at Dental Care Center at Kennestone. We have oral conscious and IV sedation available for our patients undergoing this procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Complications

Wisdom teeth do not always arrive without complications or problems. Some become impacted in the gum tissue, where they do not completely emerge. This can cause pain and infection if they are not removed. Upper wisdom teeth can cause sinus problems for some people. In others, the mouth is too crowded, causing these molars to grow in sideways or push against other teeth. This can cause alignment issues that may require orthodontic care if the wisdom teeth are not removed. Even if wisdom teeth come in correctly, they can be difficult to keep clean and are often at risk for decay.

If you or your teenager need wisdom tooth removal, our team at Dental Care Center at Kennestone can ensure you get the best care available. We offer a relaxing, calm environment with sedation options for your procedure. Contact our office to schedule a wisdom tooth exam to determine the health of your wisdom teeth and whether removal is needed.

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