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Diabetes and Your Oral Health: The Overlooked Connection, Marietta

Diabetes and Your Oral Health: The Overlooked Connection

Woman Sitting in a Dentist ChairDo you have diabetes? You may do your very best to live as normal a life as possible. Even so, you never forget that your condition affects so many aspects of your everyday routine.

But with all you have to worry about, you might easily overlook the way diabetes can affect your mouth.

Here are some conditions and concerns that are common to people in Marietta with diabetes.

Dry Mouth
This is one issue that you’re probably quite familiar with. Dry mouth is not just uncomfortable, it’s also a danger to your oral health. Dry conditions foster the growth of germs that cause tooth decay and other infections.

A dry mouth plus the occasional surge of sugar in your blood can lead to a spike in the activity of cavity-causing bacteria.

Fungal Infection
Reduced immunity means that your mouth is prone to a fungal infection commonly known as thrush. This condition can cause a burning sensation and painful cracks at the corners of your mouth.

Gum Disease
Uncontrolled diabetes, in particular, prevents your gums from fighting off the bacterial infection that causes gum disease and prevents them from healing after they are attacked. Untreated gum disease, especially in diabetics, can lead to tooth loss.

Poor Healing
As with other parts of your body, the tissues in your mouth are also affected by diabetes. If you have some kind of oral surgery, it can take longer for you to heal and you may have a higher-than-normal risk of infection.

To ensure that diabetes doesn’t destroy your smile, visit the dental team that Marietta residents trust. Call us today to schedule your consultation and get on your way to a healthier mouth.

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