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Do You Know the Difference Between Your Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant?, Marietta

Do You Know the Difference Between Your Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant?

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You have no trouble recognizing the dentist when you enter a dental office, but it’s easy to confuse some of the other staff members.

Did you know that there is a difference between hygienists and assistants?

The roles of both hygienist and assistant are unique and important to the successful functioning of any dental practice.

Who Is the Dental Assistant?

An assistant’s main role is to be a dentist’s second set of hands. The assistant helps during procedures and maintains clear visibility when the dentist is working. They usually prepare all of the instruments and see to it that the dentist has everything he or she needs.

Assistants are also responsible disinfecting dental treatment areas and sterilization. They may take your x-rays, escort you to and from the waiting room, and help calm you if you’re nervous during treatment. If you have a question about the procedure, your assistant is a great person to ask!

A Different Role for Dental Hygienists

Hygienists are the ones you probably spend the most time with. It’s the hygienist who cleans and polishes your teeth (and “lectures” you on flossing when you come in for a dental cleaning!)

Dental hygienists aren’t out to make you feel bad about your home hygiene routine, but rather assist you in prevention focused practices that limit the bacteria which would otherwise lead to decay and gum disease. From screening for oral pathology to showing you different methods of dental care, a hygienist’s goal is to promote optimal oral health before disease strikes.

Preventative and Restorative Dental Care in Marietta

Whether you need a filling or cleaning, you can count on our dental assistants and dental hygienists to be at your side. Get to know our experienced and caring dental team right here at Dental Care Center at Kennestone. We’re accepting new patients so call today to make your appointment!

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  • I absolutely love this dental experience. I used to dread having to make dental trips but since finding this office 4 years ago that took the dread away. From making the appointment, to visiting with the office staff. It's great. The Hygienist is very friendly. But that Dr. O,
    she is a ray of sunshine. Perfect bedside manner, concerning, caring, helpful, and so very positive. I do not have dental insurance and could go somewhere else that may be a tad cheaper but I wouldn't trade this dental office for the world. They feel more like family. Give them a try you won't regret it!

    Angie W.
  • I am very happy I came to this dental office! I tend to avoid going to the dentist because of past experiences, but my visit today was 10/10!! The dental hygienist, Kelly, and Dr. Buffington were so nice and thorough. I highly recommend! So happy I found a good and nice dental office finally!! :)

  • Always a great experience when I come in for cleanings or any work that has to be done. Special thanks to my hygienist Kelli for a good cleaning today and making me feel comfortable. Dr. Buffington is also terrific and very attentive. The entire staff will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

    Mark P.
  • I have been a patient here for many years. I’ve always had positive experiences. I especially like the Dental Hygenist “Callie”. She is just the best, always smiling and cheerful, just what you need at the Dentist. She is very experienced and I’ve learned a lot from her. All the Staff is very nice and polite and Dr Buffington is great also. I’ve had a lot of dental work done by her and never had a problem. She is very gentle and painless too!

    Nancy M.
  • The dentist, Dr. Buffington, hygienist, and staff were professional and efficient. Dr. Buffington provided an excellent explanation to my question so that I understood the situation. High recommend this dental practice.

    Don S.
  • Dr. Buffington has to be the kindest, most patient dentist in the world. The staff is amazingly attentive, non-judgemental and offers a very comforting experience. I appreciate how patient they are with me, a 44-year old that still cries and would rather give birth (without medication) than have dental work. I hope you catch my drift😉

    Adriennes B.
  • I really like Dr. Buffington. She gave me a plan that gives me hope about a TMJ issue. Everyone on the staff was professional and seemed genuinely caring. I would highly recommend the office.

    It’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and they don’t try to sell you on things you don’t need.

    Donna D.
  • I highly recommend this dental practice. They took prompt and amazing care of me to address a TMJ episode. Dr. Buffington and all employees I encountered were professional, friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They set me on the path of recovery and have earned my respect and business going forward. How refreshing to engage with a business that truly understands customer service.

    Ronni P.