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What Medical History Should You Share with Your Dentist?, Marietta

What Medical History Should You Share with Your Dentist?

When visiting the dentist and being asked about your medical history, do you avoid going into detail because you feel like most past and current issues are irrelevant? If so, you may be surprised to learn how helpful it is for your dental team to know the specifics about your medical details. Important Health Information […]
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Yes. You Can Stop Flossing

If you’re one of the 9 out of 10 people who dislike flossing, you’re in luck. There’s a way to clean between your teeth (where brushing doesn’t reach) without that skinny strand of floss. It’s called a water flosser. Research shows that using a water flosser may actually clean your teeth and gums better than […]
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6 Foods That Are Destroying Your Tooth Enamel

Many Marietta residents go about their daily lives unaware that their teeth are actively being worn down by the very foods they eat. Enamel erosion happens when foods that are high in acid or sugar come in contact with teeth. It happens slowly and painlessly, so you may not realize it until it’s too late. […]
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What Would Happen if You Stopped Brushing Your Teeth?

You’ve had one or two of those days where you rush out the door on a busy morning without brushing your teeth. It happens to everyone in Marietta on occasion, and it’s usually no big deal. Your teeth will be fine if you only rarely forget to brush. But what if you decided to stop […]
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Can Kids Get Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment option for adults. It’s discreet, convenient, and more comfortable than traditional braces which have sharp metal parts. Can your kids enjoy the same benefits from Invisalign? Your Child’s Orthodontic Needs The first thing you need to consider is what your child’s orthodontic needs are. Invisalign isn’t right for every […]
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Do You Know the Difference Between Your Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant?

You have no trouble recognizing the dentist when you enter a dental office, but it’s easy to confuse some of the other staff members. Did you know that there is a difference between hygienists and assistants? The roles of both hygienist and assistant are unique and important to the successful functioning of any dental practice. […]
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Is Your Child Ready for Their First Dental Visit?

Thinking it’s about time to schedule your child’s first dental checkup? If you wait until your child has a toothache, then they may be overdue, already. The Right Age for the First Pediatric Dental Checkup Children should see a dentist by the time they are a year old or when they get their first tooth, […]
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Protect Your Smile With Little Work

Your life is busier than ever and finding ways to get things done easily and efficiently are often top priorities. It’s not that you are lazy or that you do not want to give your best, it is that you are stretched thin and anything that makes life less burdensome is often a huge plus. […]
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Do You Know The Signs of Oral Cancer?

Knowing the signs of bad issues is the best way to prevent them from occurring. For instance, running out of gas while driving on the road is a bad issue, but your vehicle’s gas gauge is there to warn you when your gas is getting low. The same can be said of the scale you […]
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Make Dental Visits a Priority

What do the following have in common? Cardiovascular disease Kidney failure Respiratory infection Autoimmune disease Diabetes Dementia Pregnancy complications and loss Believe it or not, all of these serious health conditions can be directly affected by your oral health.
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